A Good Content Strategy

Small and medium-size businesses can benefit with a good content strategy backed by a content management system (CMS) like Drupal. The internet is evolving fast. A good content strategy helps business keep a close pace with the trend.

More and more people are using mobile phones to get information and connect with others. A CMS website can quickly turn into responsive design. A responsive website provides better user experience for mobile users. Hence, Google ranks a responsive website higher than none responsive ones.

It is beneficial for a business to have a long term and short term digital plan. It saves money in a long run. If a company has a consistent plan for next 5 to 15 years, it helps avoid costly overhaul of previously built software and redo anything just because it did not fit into a big picture.

Here is an example of my customer who is doing great in the insurance business. Their consistent content strategy help them take a lion share of a niche market, a Chinese insurance market.

They are focusing on Chinese insurance market. At the very beginning, the owner of the business has an excellent long-term goal for his business. He built a comprehensive Drupal based system for his insurance business. With Drupal powerful Multi-lingual support, he built a website having three languages. The website is serving as a primary marketing tool. He published unique content that are valuable for Chinese travelers to Canada. There is an online insurance quotation system built from a Drupal contributed module. With the quotation system, people can easily compare insurance policies from different insurance companies. They can place an insurance order online. Other than that, backend system catches other customers' leads.

A system built on Drupal is well SEO-tuned. The website rank high in Google search result. Keywords like "Canada insurance" in the Chinese language is on the first page of both Google and Baidu. Their website rank high in the search result of other search engines. As I am writing this article, their keyword "Canada insurance" in Chinese rank #1 on Google search result and also on the first page of Baidu. It brings thousands of organic search visit and hundreds of high-quality leads every week. Without spending any other marketing dollars, the company doing great with the solid content strategy.

The owner of the business had the great vision at the beginning. He built his insurance business on a top of Drupal-based software system. Supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world, Drupal is an enterprise standard open source software. The system serves as a marketing tool that bring hundreds of quality leads every week. The content management system lets employees easily publish blogs and articles. Recently, they hired us a Toronto Drupal shop for a main Drupal version upgrade.

If the software is a pillar of a successful business, building a system from Drupal is a cornerstone of it. A good content strategy secures a profitable business.


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